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  2. step back Microsoft this is the year of Sony, the year of PS4 in the console market
  3. Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 4 Director Leaves Ubisoft

    hmm, looking back at AC3 and FC4 i say good f*cking ridden, untalented swine both of that game weren't any good, mediocre at best ubishit will keep being shit regardless
  4. Destiny 2 Will Use Steam

    it's an online game so no, it won't have denuvo not like cracking it will get you anything anyway
  5. Any good action games ?

    Killing Floor 2, Metro series, Tomb Raider reboot series, Witcher 3,....
  6. Any good action games ?

    Nier Automata
  7. Battleborn Cracked by Voksi

    play for 20 minutes and you'll see how bad of a game it is just read some Steam reviews, it's hilarious
  8. Battleborn Cracked by Voksi

    who plays Battleborn anymore? the game is broken as hell

    "Denuvo is uncrackable" hahaha, good joke
  10. The CPY story

    those jabs at 3DM lol
  11. Hey, can you reupload the fix files in this link you posted in this thread? http://corepacks.com/index.php?threads/prototype-2-complete-edition-corepack.6225/page-2 that'd be much appreciated
  12. Ninja Blade my guilty pleasure an abysmal PC port, poor control, boring story, fps drop often, combat system sucks but the QTEs are ridiculous and i love it
  13. FFX, FFX-2 and DQH are older games, it's not worth it to implement such DRM on games that are originally intended for PS2
  14. it's Square Enix IP of course it will have Denuvo