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  2. Yogesh1211

    World War Z Official PC System Requirements

    Ah!! Now there's something to look after Thanks @-WALID-
  3. ~phoenix~


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  4. Today
  5. ~phoenix~

    Dragon Age Origins - Ultimate Collection

    Topic locked.
  6. ~phoenix~

    Dirt Rally V1.1 dead links

    Link updated topic locked.
  7. ~phoenix~

    Grand theft auto IV Complete edition

    Topic locked.
  8. Armo555

    Disney Infinity 3.0 Gold Edition-PLAZA

    Dont want to sound rude but ... the "Download" button doesnt work , and i cant download it
  9. ~phoenix~

    sleeping dog definative edition

    Topic locked.
  10. ~phoenix~

    Monster hunter world err12 error

    Your graphics card doesn't support the game.
  11. ~phoenix~

    Virus Total False Positives

    Don't need worry they are not viruses, Repack we release in here are tested by multiple people. We check them for errors and any other software and malware issues before we deliver to member's here.
  12. ~phoenix~

    GODZILLA 2 Official Trailer #2

  13. FamiliarZulu

    Virus Total False Positives

    Not ready sure where to ask this but I just scanned one of the official civ 6 repack setup.exe files with virus total and it was detected by 4 or so of the engines as what looked like some sort of generic malware. Are these results just false positives or should I be worried?
  14. Kalpesh

    Hello Guys..

    Hello @AWCorePack! WELCOME to COREPACKS! Just try to stay active in most of the conversation! And don't leave the website after earning a giveaway! This not a warning just a suggestion! Regards!
  15. Yes! You're right. Your antivirus must have deleted the .DLL file from the game thinking that it is a virus and can harm your pc. So what you need to do is that, just open your antivirus software. There look for an option Quarantined items. After opening that you'll see a list of such items. Now you don't need to restore all of them ,just look for the file which has been deleted from the folder where the game was installed. Now go back to the folder where you've installed the game then make a copy of that .DLL file so that in future if such thing happens then you just need to copy paste the thing back to its original folder. Also do on last thing, open your antivirus software and add that file in the list of exclusion so that your antivirus does not delete the .DLL file again automatically whenever you try to open the game. Hope this helps!
  16. The game does not store any registries so you can delete the folder to remove the game.
  17. Game play is cool and with HDr pack game looks more clear and on i5 3rd Gen and Gtx 750ti can be able to play like that What I dream And again thanks for giving it in 2018 last stage of year Thanks you and keep it up brother's
  18. Whenever I play this game the lip movement of the character seems to lag behind the voice. What I mean is that the voice of the person is heard after he spoke something! It seems like as if I'm standing miles away from the person and hearing what he is trying to say!! So, is there any fix for this lagging? If so your help will be well appreciated! Thanks in advance! (The delay in the voice is around 1sec)
  19. Yesterday
  20. Many thanks I always wish corpacks with all of success & at the Top 
  21. Links are all dead. Where can I get this?
  22. Installation about 12 min with 8700K (on SSD). Works OK. I noticed some difference with HD pack compared to earlier version without the pack. Cars have more reflections and terrain more details. It's not something mega revolutionary, but still an improvement. Thanks for repack. Great installer with clear installation options.
  23. Game installed perfectly and ran fine. However, after playing the game I have decided to buy it and support the devs. However, there is no uninstaller. At least in my experience. I can't uninstall this game...
  24. emailx45

    Fallout 4 Final Edition - CorePack | 22.9 GB

    More CC files dont present in default install Zetan Arsenal - Variety Pack Pip-Boy Bundle - Pint-Sized Slasher - Holiday Workshop Pack - Faction Fashion Weapon Skin Bundle - Faction Fashion Armor Skin Bundle -
  25. RYATT

    sleeping dog definative edition

  26. Saber Interactive has released the official PC system requirements for World War Z. According to the specs, PC gamers will at least need an Intel i5-750 or an Intel i3-530 or an AMD Phenon II X4-810 with 8GB of RAM and an AMD R7 240 or an Nvidia GeForce GT 730. Saber Interactive recommends an Intel i7-3970 with 16GB of RAM and an AMD R9 280 or an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960. The game will also require 20GB of free hard disk space. Unfortunately, the team did not clarify the graphics settings or the framerates that these PC requirements target. It’s also worth mentioning that Saber Interactive revealed that the game will be coming to Epic’s digital store. The team did not clarify whether the game will also come out on Steam or whether it will be exclusive to Epic’s store. World War Z PC System Requirements Minimum Requirements CPU – i5-750/i3-530/Phenon II X4-810 RAM – 8GB OS – Windows 7 and Later Video Card – AMD R7 240/Nvidia GT 730 2GB/Intel HD530 Storage – 20GB Recommended Requirements CPU – i7-3970 @ 3.5GHz RAM – 16GB OS – Windows 10 64-bit (DX11) Video Card – AMD R9 280/Nvidia GTX 960 Storage – 20GB dsogaming
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