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  3. ishq

    Winning eleven 8

    i just thought its an old game size was also smaller so i just thought corepack not made repack for this game.sorry @~phoenix~ bro.Never do that again.
  4. Click in https://d.top4top.net/f_707xg5kq1.torrent?key=ed72f7f40016ebdad6119fe5f4b0b4061dc0a8ea
  5. Google drive : Access denied Torrent file https://up.top4top.net/f-707xg5kq1-torrent.html
  6. My my..just when i was bored of Warframe...Thank you CP
  7. Thanks A lot . waiting for this one
  8. Sadly, doesn't work with steam controller. I've tried non-repack codex version, another repack from another group, and this corepack one. None can work with steam controller. The problem is the same across all versions: endless black screen when the game is launched through steam, no black screen when launched directly from the shortcut. But I'm not good enough to be playing this kind of game with kbm, so I guess I'll just wait for future updates.
  9. Gdrive links added again - same
  10. If your problem is solved Tag any staff as well if you want close the topic. Edit One drive link's are working Topic closed.
  11. ~phoenix~

    Winning eleven 8

    You don't have the permission for that.
  12. Great now I don't have to die so many times waiting hahahaha jokes!!!Thanks Bro
  13. IZHAN

    DMC HD Collection

  14. Thanks for your hard working. Anyone hears DLC of this diamond?
  15. ReXX_RaGE

    Winning eleven 8

    @Stormgamer ask @-ZH!¥ÃM™RRC- or @BedBug for that, i am sure they might help you on this
  16. ReXX_RaGE

    Brink - Complete Pack | 3.79 GB

    sure thing, will do
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