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  2. Tubu - The Gamer

    Google Drive Tips to Avoid Exceeding Quota's

    i know it recently when trying to download a file but didn't work then i saw that make a copy option, i did it and it works. i thought everyone knows that except me that why i didn't share but still thanks for the information.
  3. Today
  4. Now that's what u call a great build number.
  5. ioidda

    Iobit Driver Booster Pro V6.1.0.139

    nice work @moonspiracy25
  6. Make sure your antivirus is not deleting CorePack.exe during installation. Your PC is completely safe, its just a false positive. Game looks bad, its a problem from developers side. Also Hi-res textures are applied when you switch to Very High settings in game.
  7. Ivan Zhong

    Cities Skylines

    Cities Skylines Industries Update v1.11.1-f2 - CODEX You need the following releases for this: Cities.Skylines.Industries-CODEX
  8. ~INF!N!TY~

    Payback installation stuck on 0%

    Turn Off AV And Install It To Non OS Drive. And Check What Happen.

    Payback installation stuck on 0%

    Yep..I rehashed the torrent
  10. When I downloaded the torrent file Ya0-_corepack, something like that, I can't remember the name correctly, it said I need to rename the file to .exe file to run, after I ran it my C drive was attacked by 2 severe viruses, why is this?
  11. Lukesk

    Battlefield V -CPY - 2018 - FULL ISO

    7zip works thx a lot .. strange but winrar keep posting ! Copy of sg1651-BTTFLD5V5.part01.rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack cpy-b5.iso i have redownloaded 4x part 1 so maybe will someone have same trouble so solution 7zip works cheers buddy
  12. ~INF!N!TY~

    Payback installation stuck on 0%

    Did U ReCheck The Files With Torrent....?
  13. DEVIL_angl

    • DEVIL_angl
    • -RAVEN-

    Hi Bro I Can't Play BF V Arabice Voice Any Help Plzzzzzzz


    1. -RAVEN-


      What do you mean by arabic voice? AFAIK the game has Arabic announcer voice only, and subtitle and interface language. game has different languages depend on the mission you are playing. (french, german etc)

    2. DEVIL_angl


      I Can't Hear Arabic Voice Just english


  14. can you try to extract using winrar or 7-zip?
  15. 1fichier.com and https://safelinking.net/iIy5U4r
  16. From where did you download this? my files (in main post) are not password protected.
  17. I know have the same prob. I think it has to do with where it`s saved now. Usually CPY_SAVE files are in My Documents, now its in the appdata folder. Keep getting the create new file popup, but no save. Just found out you have to change the save location from appdata\sega\yakuza0 to the location on your MY Documents folder where CPY_Saves are. You have to change the CPY ini file in the Yakuza folder where you have the game installed in order for you to save the game. Don`t know how the save folder ended up in the appdata folder, but I guess stuff happens
  18. aakashgt

    Battlefield V -CPY - 2018 - FULL ISO

    7zip, winzip winrar should work i prefer 7zip


    "If broken heart had a face"

    Payback installation stuck on 0%

    Only on this repack
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