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  3. time

    Have some time?

    I do hate them too except for Portal 1 & 2!
  4. Legendgamerz2013

    Browsing games in epic store

    ur welcome
  5. generous6680

    CorePack Collection @ Uploaded, Rapidgator, Share-Online

    Hello Please Upload on Google Drive
  6. MayankGod777

    Browsing games in epic store

    Thanks... Legendgamerz2013 very much
  7. SpiritualMage


    Ya that could be one possibility if and only if you have not installed the required redistributable files.
  8. Legendgamerz2013


    Had this error and tried everything but didnt fixed for m e....Then i got AIO RUNTIME And It Worked and fixed the issue not sure it willl work for this too
  9. GameTesterChileno

    Darksiders Warmastered Edition-GOG

    thanks you bro
  10. ArcticViper


    i'm gonna love this community I can tell you guys are the best repack site iv'e ever found
  11. ~Os~

    Adobe XD CC 16.0.2 (x64)

    Thanks for your efforts
  12. ~Os~


    Welcome to COREPACKS
  13. kakaxihatev3

    Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition-GOG

  14. I'm sorry, I had to download 2 release .. I have just restarted yours. everything is ok thank you
  15. I'm not sure what you are talking about, from where did you download the game? FYI you are commenting on my release topic, and my release is not an ISO.
  16. My release is not an ISO. You have to place it with the setup before you start installation.
  17. Legendgamerz2013

    Browsing games in epic store

    1) Start downloading from epic launcher and pause at 1% 2) Close Epic Launcher And Extract game files where Epic launcher is downloading game 3) Open Epic Launcher and it should verify the game files this worked for fortnite hope it will work for Metro also
  18. After installation before launching the game? because putting it with the setup is impossible. because file.iso
  19. Cool. Thanks for the info, buddy. Hopefully an updated crack will indeed become available sometime soon.
  20. Ahh thx Raven good to know for the Future im installing already with a Junction Point refering to C. Thx for the release
  21. can anyone explain diff. between 25gb vs 27gb repack
  22. change screen scale to 100% and run the setup again, you will see the option to change the path
  23. place it with the setup.exe and make sure French is checked while installing
  24. hello thnx for the great work i have question i have download in the past few day's the full unlocked of ACE combat 7 and i wan't to crack it with CPY crack can that work ...i can't download new one because i have poor connexion plz help any idea Thnak you
  25. Rutibel

    Browsing games in epic store

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