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  3. loopypalm

    Resident Evil 6 Complete Pack - CorePack | 4.9 GB

    there is differance between an infected "setup" and an infected "game launcher" we all know that crack are false positif but why a setup is ?
  4. Yesterday

    Resident Evil 6 Complete Pack - CorePack | 4.9 GB

    yeah a malware dont download , run run run , hahahahhah why u download cracked games if u are so panic ? it is safe bro i am THE KNIGHT
  6. Why 3 antivirus engines detected setup.exe as virus?
  7. ronell

    Ys Memories of Celceta - CODEX 1.3 GB ISO Google Drive

    how to install on the folder? which applicatio? thanks
  8. Developer

    Happy Indian Independence Day !!!

    same to you bro
  9. Kartikeya.Narayan

    Happy Indian Independence Day !!!

    My fellow Indians let us paint our hearts in the holy Tricolors and celebrate this auspicious day with a fervent and patriotic soul ! Happy Independence Day !!!
  10. so what's the fix @THE KNIGHT after u reacted xD
  11. Steam api error when run this so needs a fix for it....
  12. NORO

    Hunt Showdown [ Update 2.2 Hotfix ] | Steam Backup

    lol thats witcher pic not hunt
  13. Kopstar82

    900$ "The Resident Evil Remake 2 Special Edition"

    why would you spend that you gotta be a serious fan
  14. Jack Peter

    Corepack Collection in Google Drive with latest repacks too

    the source has been deleted
  15. Never mind. I think I finally found a fix.
  16. @Jack Peterbro please upload F.E.A.R. 3 - CorePack | 2.85 GB
  17. rdeb923

    Shadow of mordor

    Single GD link for Shadow of mordor Goty edition pls..... other site are blocked by the college's internet
  18. There's no doubt that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a huge leap since its predecessor in terms of graphics. But if you're interested to see how much will the graphics be improved then this video might come in handy. Even it is 8years old this game is on the top that every platform users would love to get a hand on it. Hoping Red Dead Redemption 2 will release on PC ASAP >_> ENJOY!!
  19. Disney announced that it has started production on the live-action adaptation of its 1998 animated classic Mulan. To mark the occasion, it released the first promotional photo of its star, Liu Yifei. Mulan tells the tale of a young woman who poses as a man to protect her father from conscription into the Chinese army, which is battling a dangerous army of northern invaders. We've seen some indication that this live-action version will differ from the animated movie. Gong Li is playing a new character, a powerful witch who appears to be this film's primary antagonist. Jet Li is playing the Emperor of China, which could mean we'll see him play a more action-oriented role than the wizened elder of the animated original. I DONT KNOW HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER THIS CARTOON FROM THEIR CHILDHOOD BUT THIS WAS ONE OF THOSE SERIES I WON"T FORGET xD SOURCE IGN ENJOY!!
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