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  2. Upcoming Repacks

    we repacked it years ago !!
  3. Upcoming Repacks

  4. ACO Hood Toggle Gone

    NVM, I found it. There are little buttons next to the outfit on the left that you use to toggle them.
  5. Problem with Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Codex

    That's what I have
  6. Upcoming Repacks

    which Dragon age ?
  7. Problem with Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Codex

    it requires updated version as u see 1511
  8. ACO Hood Toggle Gone

    Did, same thing. I did some research on all the different buttons people had used before posting my problem here.
  9. ACO Hood Toggle Gone

    Try the middle mouse button
  10. Problem with Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Codex

    I have Windows 10
  11. Problem with Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Codex

    u need win 10 to install and play this game
  12. ACO Hood Toggle Gone

    Like I said, there is no option to do it in the equipment tab. It only lets me select the outfit. When I hover over the outfit it does not let me toggle the hood.
  13. Gravel Official PC System Requirements

    Looks good. Thanks!
  14. ACO Hood Toggle Gone

    You can do it in the equipment tab. There is no such thing as a keyboard hotkey, sadly.
  15. ACO Hood Toggle Gone

    I have an issue where the hood is permanently toggled on. There is no option with a controller or keyboard to toggle it.
  16. Hi, Could you upload the language packs to different sites please? Thanks.
  17. Today
  18. Noob vs Pro

  19. I downloaded Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection and when I run the codex installer which is SetZTyUC.exe it says it doesn't support the version of windows I am running....I am running Windows 10 1511.
  20. @THE KNIGHTThank you Master for your awesome work.....
  21. Kung Fu Panda - CorePack | 1.26 GB

    @THE KNIGHTThank you soooooo much man.....for repacking and uploading this awesome game.......
  22. Noob vs Pro

  23. AC Origins Horde mode ?

    heres a guide to do it u need to complete the mission as statred above else u cant access horde mode
  24. ACO Cracked v1 Can't save data

    after playing and before quit the game go to the main menu (not pause the game if there save button in pause main menu click it it should be save automatically go to save folder and copy it quit the game and copy the save data you copied to save folder and play the game
  25. Guys I have a problem I have a lot of links of your previous releses in jdownloader2 and when you name optional language like: english german and I add them to jdownloader they all come to english folder and in consequence now I add english for kingdom come and it is added somewhere up in my list to english folder which have now about 20+ links and I dont know which ones are for this release and which ones are for others and of course for which others...My little suggestion for future : PLS set the name of language files with #title of game# prefix like: Kindgom Come Deliverance english Kindgom Come Deliverance german itc.... Naming them with game title allow us to fast find target release...Thank You Thanks for release!! I really don't know which ones now are for which releases - pls look at screen:
  26. @-RAVEN- Update site background.
  27. Guess What, the desperate guy finally won this week.
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