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    • Hunting Simulator Lossless [v1.1 + DLC + Multi12]- 4.57 GB | AVAILABLE !
    • Tale of Wuxia : The Pre-Sequel - 3.15 GB| AVAILABLE!
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      3. We cannot fix the peers lol... peers are you and other members, it is down to all corepackians, you must all seed to fix the peers! A quicker solution is to use the direct links with...
      4. hope u fix the peers for utorrent file and thnx again for the repack
      5. Password for binbox? Included in link, it is just bad link handling. This is a more common issue on mobile browsers. If you notice the URL at the top of your browser, it is missing the #qRW8sFJI part of the URL... and binbox.io asks for a password beginning with #... so password is right there in not so plain sight. If you just follow the clues, it makes perfect sense. Besides, this post is from retired staff, why would it be a scam link, he has no good reason to provide scam links... We do NOT DO SCAM LINKS!
      6. Best downloader for Corepacks Repacks!

        A screenshot or two would help here bro.
      7. Dark Sky - Hyperlocal Weather v1.7.0 [Premium] Requirements: 4.2+ Overview: Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you're standing. (It's like magic.) Featured in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more. DARK SKY FREE The app is free to download and includes a full 24-hour forecast, a detailed 7-day forecast, current conditions, and beautiful weather maps. DARK SKY PREMIUM Sign up for a two-week free trial to explore all of the premium features below! If you love it as much as we think you will, it’s only $2.99 / year thereafter (that’s 25 cents a month -- barely the cost of a gumball, and way tastier!). · Down-to-the-minute Forecasts · Down-to-the-minute forecasts tell you exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you're standing. · Rain Notifications and Alerts · Rain Notifications, Severe Weather Alerts, and Custom Alerts keep you on top of ever-changing weather conditions, without having to open the app. · Daily Summaries · Schedule a Daily Summary, and we'll send you a morning weather report right to your lock screen. · Widgets · Widgets show you the weather right on your homescreen: Current conditions, next hour rain forecasts, a daily summary, and a look at the week ahead. Dark Sky is currently available in the US, UK, and Puerto Rico. WHAT'S NEW Version 1.7 - Show next hour graph in "Next Hour Precipitation" notification - Show timeline in "Temp in Status Bar" notification - Usability enhancements & bug fixes This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.darksky.darksky Download Instructions: PREMIUM Subscription Unlocked | Analytics disabled https://dailyuploads.net/lepaj8n97h8a http://suprafiles.net/843eok7sutd6 https://dropapk.com/znqbyhdtrt9c
      8. so this another scam file then as there a few on here need passowrd for file donlowd link.............
      9. Signal Strength v19.1.9 [Premium] Requirements: 4.2+ Overview: Are you living or working in a low signal area ? Then this is the app for you. With this app you can get a good idea of the Cellular and WiFi signal strength and find out which corners of your office or home are having the best reception. What this app gives you:- General User • Signal meter • Speed test • Phone health check • WiFi network utility • Discover WiFi devices • Signal widgets Advanced User • Dual SIM info for Android Lollipop 5.1 onwards • Signal Logger • Detailed Network info • Cell towers info • Network Latency Widget or Delay of data connection • Out of service, low signal and roaming alerts. Pro Features(Inapp Purchase):- • AdFree IMPORTANT: • A very few phones/ROMs are not supporting signal strength refresh. If the Network Type and the Carrier are updating correctly but the signal strength is not updating then this is a sure sign of a broken ROM. This is a known issue and not a problem with the App. • Dual SIM info has been introduced from Android Lollipop 5.1 onwards and Cell tower info was introduced in Android Jellybean 4.2 onwards. There are still a lot of bugs in manufacturer implementations. Consider sending a debug report from the debug icon to incorporate workarounds. • If you cant find the widget in the list of widgets after installation change the orientation of device with the list of widgets opened. This will cause the list of widgets to get refreshed. Also do not move app to SD Card. As a last resort force stop launcher app from android settings. • Check the extensive FAQs on my website. WHAT'S NEW • Theme Change to light • Bug fixes This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cls.networkwidget Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Analytics disabled https://uploadocean.com/j4v1xij1atpv https://dailyuploads.net/7tfw96eh6vgg http://suprafiles.net/53v0uko9790o
      10. Graphing Calculator + Math PRO v4.12.150 [Patched] Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: Graphing calculator with algebra. Essential tool for school and college. Replaces bulky and expensive handheld graphing calculators. f you're looking for a graphing calculator app that works smoothly and seamlessly, you've found it! Graphing Calculator by Mathlab is a scientific graphing calculator integrated with algebra and is an indispensable mathematical tool for students in elementary school to those in college or graduate school, or just anyone who needs more than what a basic calculator offers. It is designed to replace bulky and costly handheld graphing calculators and works on virtually any Android phone or tablet. Furthermore, Graphing Calculator by Mathlab displays calculations as it performs them on the high-quality display of the Android device, making it easier for the user to understand the calculations and see them clearly. This app has two great strengths. First, it acts as a fine scientific calculator, but, more than that, it displays the intermediate steps of the calculations as you type. It allows the students to both watch and learn how the calculations are made and how to find the final answer. Second, the graphing ability is absolutely stunning! Not only does the calculator beautifully display the graphs, but it automatically generates the x- and y- values and displays them as well. Help site with instructions and examples: http://help.mathlab.us If you have a question, send email to [email protected] PRO FEATURES * 3D graphs * Save constants, functions and expressions in the library * Internet is not required * No advertisements SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR * Arithmetic expressions +, -, *, /, ÷ * Square root, cube and higher roots (hold ‘√’ key) * Exponent, logarithms (ln, log) * Trigonometric functions sin π/2, cos 30°, ... * Hyperbolic functions sinh, cosh, tanh, ... (hold "e" key to switch) * Inverse functions (hold direct function key) * Complex numbers, all functions support complex arguments * Derivatives sin x' = cos x, ... (hold x^n key) * Scientific notation (enable in menu) * Percent mode * Save/load history GRAPHING CALCULATOR * Multiple functions graphing * Implicit functions up to 2nd degree (ellipse 2x^2+3y^2=1, etc.) * Plar graphs (r=cos2θ) * Parametric functions, enter each on new line (x=cos t, y=sin t) * Funkcje roots i krytyczne punkty na wykresie. Zaznacz pole wyboru po lewej stronie od funkcji, aby ujrzeć współrzędne na wykresie. Kliknij przycisk wykresu w górnym menu, aby wyświetlić współrzędne w postaci listy. * Graph intersections (x^2=x+1) * Tracing function values and slopes * Dcrollable and resizable graphs * Pinch to zoom * Fullscreen graphs in landscape orientation * Function tables * Dave graphs as images * Save tables as csv FRACTION CALCULATOR * Simple and complex fractions 1/2 + 1/3 = 5/6 * Mixed numbers, use space to enter values 3 1/2 ALGEBRA CALCULATOR * Linear equations x+1=2 -> x=1 * Quadratic equations x^2-1=0 -> x=-1,1 * Approximate roots of higher polynomials * Systems of linear equations, write one equation per line, x1+x2=1, x1-x2=2 * Polynomial long division * Polynomial expansion, factoring MATRIX CALCULATOR * Matrix and vector operations * Dot product (hold *), cross product * Determinant, inverse, norm, transpose, trace LIBRARY * User defined constants and functions * Save/load expressions WHAT'S NEW Chromebooks support (new Chromebooks with Google Play) Android 7.0 support Output format for complex numbers, Settings > Calculator Exact values for trigonometric functions sin(60°) = 1/2*sqrt(3) Polar form for complex numbers 1∠30°, hold i to enter ∠ Visual editing (beta), enable in Settings > Calculator This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.mathlab.android.calc.edu Download Instructions: https://uploadocean.com/qilqa5hzzefu https://dailyuploads.net/1thiomdemnv6 http://suprafiles.net/6lga50852249
      11. Adapticons v1.0.4 [Mod Lite] Requirements: 5.0+ Overview: Every home screen is different, so why icons should be the same? Introducing Adapticons! An app that helps you create amazing looking icons for your home screen in a few clicks! With Adapticons you can make your icons match your launcher theme or you can just use it to bring something fresh to your phone. Available customization options let you create amazing effects that you can apply to multiple icons at once. With Adapticons you can: - Create icons with one equal shape and style across all of the apps - Use icon packs (and importing from gallery) to bring awesome and unique graphics to your icons - Make icons match your device theme with few clicks - Use icon packs in launchers from Google and Samsung (and others) - And much, much more! Check Adapticons and enjoy a new, fresh look of your launcher! WHAT'S NEW - Added button to select all apps at once - Added option to add long shadow to the icon - Added option to remove icon from selected apps in customization screen - Added information about icon sizing, percentage of change and more near ui elements in customization screen - Fixed bug with Samsung phone app - Changed some UI elements for easier navigation - Changed screen while selecting an icon from icon pack - Added better support for Android O (and more is coming soon!) - Changes in translations ★★★ MOD Lite ★★★ Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load; Pro features Unlocked; Encrypted all resources; Analytics Disabled; All ads and services calls from activity removed; Languages: En, Ru. This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.damianpiwowarski.adapticons Download Instructions: Pro Mod: https://uploadocean.com/tpik36xikn9o https://dailyuploads.net/8c9cq6phxnm8 http://suprafiles.net/cutrn1fxsz3g Mod Lite: https://uploadocean.com/g52193af9i4y https://dailyuploads.net/rwgr3nb3hpop http://suprafiles.net/5ax1af5uvw6e
      12. Best downloader for Corepacks Repacks!

        it says searching for files in binbox.com....and it gives option to add online and online links to the download...what should i do?
      13. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v4.2.11 Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: Xodo is an all-in-one PDF reader and PDF editor. With Xodo, you can read, annotate, sign, and share PDFs and fill in PDF forms, open .docx/.pptx as PDFs, plus sync with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. • Fastest PDF viewing engine and smooth navigation • Write directly on a PDF, highlight and underline text, and more • Auto-sync your PDF edits with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive • Open office .docx and .pptx files for reading and annotating, and save as PDF • Annotate PDFs with others in real time • Fill PDF forms and sign documents • Take notes on blank PDFs • Powerful file organizer • Complete PDF support and compatible with Adobe Acrobat® and other PDF viewers supporting standard PDF annotations • Optimized for tablets and phones, Xodo is full-featured and a pleasure to use • Integrated with our in-browser Chrome app: http://goo.gl/IVsRl0 HIGHLIGHTS: PDF Reader • Bookmark PDF pages for future reference • Night Mode for comfortable PDF reading in dark environments • Tabs allow you to quickly work across multiple PDF documents • Crop pages to fit content precisely on small screens • Reflow reading mode shows the PDF text at a size of your choosing • A PDF table of contents allows you to jump chapters and sections • Printing on KitKat and Lollipop • Full screen mode on KitKat and higher • Enjoy continuous vertical scrolling while viewing in single page, two pages, and cover page modes • Support for Samsung Multi Window • Full text search with navigable, detailed list of search results, page rotation, high levels of zoom, and more PDF Annotator and Editor • Draw and type directly on PDFs • Highlight, underline and strikeout text • Add arrows, circles, lines and more • See all annotations at a glance with the annotation summary, and just tap one to navigate to it • Scroll and turn pages by using two fingers while you annotate • Merge and split PDFs; rotate pages • Optimized for SPen and other select styluses • Thumbnail browser for deleting pages, changing page order, and inserting blank pages Sign & Fill PDF Forms • Fill out, save, and send PDF forms • Sign a document by hand, and save your signature for later reuse Convert & Create • Use your camera to scan a page, or open an existing image to create a new PDF (tif, jpeg, gif, png) • Create new blank PDFs and use Xodo to take notes Dropbox & Google Drive Sync • Auto-sync annotations back to Dropbox or Google Drive • For Dropbox, data use is minimized by uploading only the changes you make, not the whole document File Manager • Rename, copy, move, or delete docs and folders with Xodo’s built-in file manager • Recent files can be quickly accessed, and will automatically open to the last page visited • Grid view shows thumbnail previews of PDFs and easy access to file details Annotate PDFs with others • Add your PDF to Xodo Connect and invite people to view and annotate online in real time • No downloads or signups required Available Languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Polish Make Xodo Better: Have an idea to make Xodo even better? We'd love to hear it! Please add your idea and vote on other ones here: http://goo.gl/mE8lrv. Community interest plays a big part in how we prioritize upcoming features, so let us know what's important to you. What's New - better stylus support - adds support to create PDF from webpage - adds support to create PDF directly in Recent tab - fixes text cut-off - fixes thumbnails do not show up - fixes issues with file when open from another app - new language: Catalan - many bug fixes and improvements This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xodo.pdf.reader&hl=en Download Instructions: https://dailyuploads.net/noy3mima5t4f http://suprafiles.net/x8gvu7d3a27q https://dropapk.com/uoguka6zdomx
      14. Silence Premium Do Not Disturb v2.15d (Paid) Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: If you forget to mute your phone and calls rings or notifications chime during important meetings or wakes you up at night, then this Do Not Disturb app (DND) is for you. Enable Calendar and Night mode, and forget about having to play with volume control to silence your phone. Several features set this app apart from others in the category. This application was written with security in mind. As such, it requires just a few permissions to read user's contacts, calendar and to send and receive SMS. Most other apps require network permissions, and some need access to SD storage, which allows them to transfer any of the personal data from the phone unnoticed. This app can't do that, so you can rest assured that your personal data is safe. This app offers a lot more than Do Not Disturb Mode on the iPhone or Samsung’s Blocking Mode: * It can silence the phone for the night and/or during office hour, meetings or calendar appointments * Instant silent mode timer can be started with just 1 click, * Instant timer can also be activated via the widget by the volume bar * It can keep the phone on silent + vibrate all day and go completely silent for the night * It mutes phone calls and all audible notifications during quiet time, except alarms * Day and night time schedule can be programmed separately for each day of the week * Calendar selection is configurable, and only Busy events are muted * Supported calendars include Google calendars, Exchange * SMS and call exceptions are supported while the phone is muted * You can allow separate groups of contacts to ring at night and/or during the day * Enable Emergency mode to let repeated calls from the same number ring * Use No Exceptions mode to block calls from allowed contacts for the duration of an important meeting * Use Respond via SMS to let the caller know to call back again if it's urgent * Optionally disable Bluetooth handsfree during quiet time * Cancel mute when you wake up early or the meeting ends early WHAT'S NEW - Multiples bugs fixed. Allowed calls/SMS should ring reliably and phone should remain quiet otherwise. - Use "Allow other widgets" option to start/stop mute with built-in DND widget or switch on OnePlus. - Added "End with alarm" option to stop night mode. - Added option to disable blinking LED at night on Samsung N4/N5/S5/S6/S7 devices. - Disable "Use Priority Interruptions" feature on Samsung phones by default. Please report any issues to [email protected] This app has NO advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cabooze.buzzoff2 Download Instructions: https://uploadocean.com/3sjj7exup81g https://dailyuploads.net/mdfjflyg6p85 http://suprafiles.net/ecuy4430a7bx
      15. [Apps]-TouchNap v2.4.10 (Paid)

        TouchNap v2.4.10 (Paid) Requirements: 4.1 and up Overview: While most power napping apps wakes you up after a predefined time, TouchNap uses you as input to know exactly when to wake you up. By using simple techniques, it will simply wake you up right before you are about to enter deep sleep. This is achieved by the knowledge that muscles relax more and more the deeper you sleep. You hold the phone in one hand and touch the screen with two fingers, kind of like playing a guitar. If held correctly, when you go deeper and deeper into sleep, the muscles in your fingers will relax to a point where they let go of the screen and the alarm goes off. This is the preferred time to wake up from a power nap. Lacking a feature? Found a bug? Send us an email! If you like it, please share it with your friends. Handmade in Norway by Kwarkbit. keywords: power nap, avoid deep sleep, feel refreshed and awake This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kwarkbit.touchnap&hl=en-GB Download Instructions: https://uploadocean.com/28otptsxwawg https://dailyuploads.net/dreaualyepj6 http://suprafiles.net/lilzzxd8hui5
      16. Tweetings for Twitter v11.2.6.2 [Patched] Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: A beautiful Twitter client to immerse yourself in the Twitter experience Beautiful themes, including a full Material Design experience, powerful features and highly customizable. ✓ True Push Notifications - Runs over Cellular or WiFi for mentions, Direct Messages, when you get a new follower, when you are retweeted, quoted or liked, etc. You don't even need the app open! We don't keep connections open to Twitter on your device, our push servers do all the hard work so your battery doesn't suffer. You can even keep track of your interactions in app with graphs and statistics ✓ Never miss a thing for your account activities. In addition to push notifications, real time updates provide a great experience. ✓ 38 Beautiful Material Design themes for Android JellyBean 19 light, 19 dark ✓ New style Twitter quoted retweet support directly on the timeline. Send quoted Tweets, get notifications when you are quoted and even have them delivered to your mentions timeline. ✓ Support for Android 7.0 Nougat ✓ Powerful customisation to the navigation of the app. You are in total control of your experience. Don't want liked tweets, no problem, just remove those sections. With Tweetings you can even have a list timeline as your main timeline rather than home. ✓ Stacked timeline. A great new way to view your Tweets. View your home timeline grouped by the user's who posted them. ✓ Supports Twitter's new extended Tweet and reply format ✓ Post Gifs directly to Twitter using Giphy ✓ Multiple Twitter photo support ✓ Clickable links in your timeline, long press links for more options ✓ Long press tweets for quick actions ✓ Animated Gif searching, posting and viewing support ✓ Twitter video posting & viewing support, including up to 140 second videos ✓ Android Wear support! View your timeline and reply directly to a notification. You can also send a new Tweet directly from your watch! ✓ Realtime streaming updates, total optional. Can even run in the background ✓ Chat Heads for received Direct Messages ✓ Beautiful Card UI and Drawer navigation ✓ Wonderful, rich, high-quality image previews, including beautiful parallax effect and swipe down to close ✓ Powerful theme builder, allowing you to create, download and share custom themes ✓ Multiple Twitter accounts ✓ Save as many draft tweets as you want ✓ Internal Web browser ✓ Mute users, hashtags, keywords and clients, with official Twitter mute user syncing and auto-expiry ✓ Muffle users, they still show in your timeline, just less prominently ✓ Clickable links in the timeline ✓ Search your own timelines ✓ Twitlonger support ✓ Tweetmarker timeline sync for Home, Mentions, Lists and Saved Searches ✓ Customizable navigation. Put whatever is important to you at the forefront ✓ Dashclock integration ✓ Chrome tabs support ✓ Timeline and mention widgets ✓ Parallax timeline effect ✓ Support, including Material Design, back to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ✓ And a whole lot more... In app purchase permission is used for a totally optional tip-jar feature. No one is under any obligation to donate and you don't gain or lose any features form doing so or not. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/tweetings Join our Google+ community to get the latest news and also help beta test Tweetings: https://plus.google.com/communities/100591855518757310400 Help translate Tweetings into your language at http://ackuna.com/translate-/tweetings-for-android WHAT'S NEW + Performance improvements + Option to add notifications pane as a navigation item directly from the pane menu button + Easily add members and navigation items directly from a list timeline - When viewing a list timeline, the list name now shows as the screen title This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dwdesign.tweetings Download Instructions: https://dropapk.com/bsiza5wniu6o https://dailyuploads.net/qdplq6hxzqgt http://suprafiles.net/oj44xlihqste
      17. Fresh from INDIA

        Welcome to the community bro , Enjoy your time here :)
      18. Repairing Corrupt Game Data Files

        my game has run even with that problem.will it create future errors in the game?
      19. Red Faction Guerrilla - CorePack | 4.39 GB

        I know this is an older release but all the links to this are down. Any chance for a re-up?
      20. Fresh from INDIA

        Hii everyone! i am from india and lover of games ,anime and anything fun genesiss means a new start in a new place well , i suits me
      21. Web Video Cast | Browser to TV v4.1.11 build 956 [Premium] Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: Web Video Caster allows you to watch on your TV videos from your favorite websites including movies, TV shows, live streams of news, sports, and IPTV. It also lets you cast local videos stored on your phone. SUPPORTED STREAMING DEVICES Web Video Caster supports the most popular streaming devices, allowing your TV to stream videos directly from the web. • Chromecast • Roku • DLNA receivers • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick • Smart TVs: LG Netcast and WebOS, Samsung, Sony, and others.* • And more *If you experience a compatibility issues, contact us and include the brand and model number. SUPPORTED MEDIA • HLS live streams in M3U8 format • Authenticated videos including movies and TV shows • MP4 videos • Live news and sports • Any HTML5 videos* *Your streaming device must be capable of decoding the video you are playing. Web Video Caster doesn't perform any video/audio decoding or transcoding. HOW IT WORKS Web Video Caster is a browser, which allows you to stream videos of movies, TV shows, and other media from the internet to a streaming device or smart tv. Web Video Caster grabs the video URL inside the web page, sends it to the streaming device (i.e. Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku), and then plays the video directly from the content provider. This ultimately saves your mobile device’s battery. It also detects subtitles on the web page. Web Video Caster does not host these videos. This is not a mirroring app. Web Video Caster is also able to cast local videos stored on your phone or tablet. The app will also allow you to download videos for which you have permission to do so. Start the video downloader from the video list screen. File types include MP4, AVI, WEBM. Excludes live streams (M3U8, MPEG-Dash). GET STARTED Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to start streaming: 1. Find a video online that you want to watch. 2. Make sure this video can play on mobile browsers without Flash. 3. Connect to your streaming device. 4. Play the video as you normally would. Or, click the play button on the toolbar. PREMIUM FEATURES** • No in-app advertising • Bookmarks • Home page setting • Video history • Queue • Resume videos • Homescreen shortcut **This functionality does not apply universally to all streaming devices. Roku does not support resuming or queue. LIMITATIONS & DISCLOSURES As with all apps, there are some limitations we are aware of and want you to know about up front. • We are in no way associated with any web media providers and we do not have control over the content they provide. • Web Video Caster does not support nor play Flash or FLV videos. • The app does not support tab casting, like the Chromecast extension for the PC web browser. • We cannot do anything to fix issues that arise on the server side (media content provider) such as failure to play or buffering, which is especially common during heavy load times and weekends. • Refunds only issued within 24 hours of purchase and you must submit the order number in text, not a screenshot. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK We are committed to open communication with our users. Please contact us first with any questions or support issues before leaving a review. We will respond and address your concern promptly. Contact us through our user community https://goo.gl/dAE555 or our website http://goo.gl/wjsBpH. PERMISSIONS: • Phone state - To allow the pausing of videos on incoming phone call. • Wi-Fi connection information - Required for the streaming devices and for the browser. • Photos/Media/Files (storage in general) - Required for the download functionality. • In-app purchases - For premium version. • Wake-lock - To keep phone awake while routing videos through phone. Should only affect live streams and authenticated videos. • Accounts/Identity - Required by Google Play Services (7.5+). WHAT'S NEW v 4.1.11 Bug fixes. This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instantbits.cast.webvideo Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked https://uploadocean.com/k2yac7y5148e https://dailyuploads.net/q7zjojrvnia1 http://suprafiles.net/e7wath9k0qiz https://dropapk.com/4yx4f1hlujnk
      22. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets v6.034 [Premium] Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: GO Weather Forecast & Widgets, over 50 million users' choice, provides accurate current & future weather info, beautiful widgets & live wallpapers. Features of GO Weather Forecast & Widgets ►Weather & Clock Widgets: Easily check the current & future weather info via widgets in 2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 5x1, 5x2 sizes. In the meantime, all widgets can switch between different themes. ►Current Weather Info: Detailed real-time weather report, including real-time weather status & temperature, "feels like" temperature, precipitation, UV index, humidity, visibility, pressure, pollen counts, etc. ►Hourly/Daily Forecast: Detailed weather forecast, including weather status prediction, highest/lowest temperature, precipitation, wind, etc. You can check all these data detailed in every single day or even every single hour. ►Weather Alerts: Inform you the real-time weather alerts and warnings. ►Precipitation Forecast: Tell you to bring an umbrella with you before it rains. ►Wind Forecast: Current & future wind force and wind direction information. ►Map & Radar: Show you the interactive dynamic maps, radar and satellite images. ►Health & Sport: Tell you the local health information for your area, and the suitability for different kinds of outdoor activities. ►Sharing: Share your current weather status with beautiful images. 3 Outstanding Characteristics of GO Weather Forecast & Widgets ☆Accurate GO Weather Forecast & Widgets cooperate with AccuWeather which provide the most professional and accurate weather service for 200,000+ locations worldwide. ☆Simple Beautiful, concise and easy-to-use user interface. ☆Personalized Provides various weather widgets in different sizes , 100+ personalized themes (weather widget themes and weather-reflecting dynamic backgrounds) WHAT'S NEW ↑ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ↑ A 5-star rating from you inspires us to serve you better V6.03 - Bug fixes and performance improvements Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. Email: [email protected] This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.weatherwidget Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Maps work | Analytics disabled https://uploadocean.com/fd01r3yo8cr6 https://dailyuploads.net/nrroazhrrbiu http://suprafiles.net/vj3kw3rsf7t2 https://dropapk.com/477a6kahkzjb
      23. TuneIn Radio - Music, Podcasts & Audiobooks v18.5 [Pro] Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: Browse and listen to radio -- live, local and global. Description Listen to the world’s largest collection of radio stations on your phone or tablet, absolutely free. TuneIn has all of the best sports, news, music and talk radio as well as live events and top podcasts. Stream over 100,000 real radio stations, playing live from around the world. TuneIn Radio Pro is display ad free and lets you record what you are listening to. **Follow college football leading up to the playoffs with live play-by-play coverage from 85 Division 1 teams including top-ranked Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Auburn, Ohio State, USC, Texas A&M, and other powerhouse teams from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac 12, & SEC. TuneIn lets you listen to your favorite teams right on your smartphone or tablet.** With TuneIn, you can: - Stream over 100,000 real radio stations from around the world, playing sports, news, talk and music. - Hear your favorite music genres from Hip Hop to Top 40 Pop to Alternative Rock. - Discover your new favorite song, artist, show or station. - Find and follow genres, podcasts, artists, sports teams and more. - Listen to exclusive 24/7 stations from top podcasts and artists. - Share what you’re listening to with friends. - Record shows & listen to them anytime. - Enjoy TuneIn without display ads WHAT'S NEW TuneIn 18.5 has the following updates * Bug fixes, crash fixes and improvements. Only Pro features unlocked This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tunein.player&hl=en Download Instructions: arm: https://dailyuploads.net/952kj72r38bh http://suprafiles.net/lqokotecyspd https://dropapk.com/3aq3lnxc4jrk
      24. Source:immortalthegame Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Look nice, they twist the Souls-like genre into a shooter, sounds really interesting.
      25. Re:Legend is described as a co-op monster-raising RPG that’s similar to other farming simulators like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. You’ll take control of your own avatar and have the option to farm, mine, fish, craft, and other similar livelihood activities. Moreover, the upcoming title also includes the feature to tame mythical creatures known as “Magnus” that thrive in the game’s world. The game will be available on PC, XBox One, PS4 and Switch by 2018. Source:twinfinite Just spreading awareness to help my fellow countrymen
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