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    • Watch Dogs 2 Inc. All Updates & DLC's + Ultra Texture Pack - CorePack | 18.4 GB
      Watch Dogs 2 Inc. All Updates & DLC's + Ultra Texture Pack - CorePack | 18.4 GB
    • Far Cry Primal (Multi17) Apex Edition Inc. All Updates & DLC's - CorePack V0 | 12.1 GB
      Far Cry Primal (Multi17) Apex Edition Inc. All Updates & DLC's - CorePack V0 | 12.1 GB
    • BIOS - CorePack  |  7.1 GB
      BIOS - CorePack | 7.1 GB
    • Butterfly Sign - Multi4 - CorePack  |  7.7 GB
      Butterfly Sign - Multi4 - CorePack | 7.7 GB
    • Space Hulk Deathwing V0 Lossless + MP - CorePack  |  10 GB
      Space Hulk Deathwing V0 Lossless + MP - CorePack | 10 GB
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2 Vive la France  Inc. 47 DLCs  - Multi23- CorePack  |  1.8 GB
      Euro Truck Simulator 2 Vive la France Inc. 47 DLCs - Multi23- CorePack | 1.8 GB
    • Disney Infinity Gold Collection- Separated - CorePack  |  17.7 GB
      Disney Infinity Gold Collection- Separated - CorePack | 17.7 GB
    • Sniper Elite 3 Complete Inc. all DLCs & Updates - CorePack  |  9.1 GB
      Sniper Elite 3 Complete Inc. all DLCs & Updates - CorePack | 9.1 GB
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      Batman: Arkham Knight – Premium Edition v1.6.2.0 + All DLCs - CorePack | 30.8 GB
    • Dishonored 2 Lossless PrePack Inc. Imperial Assassin's Pack  |  26 GB
      Dishonored 2 Lossless PrePack Inc. Imperial Assassin's Pack | 26 GB
    • THE DESCENDANT Complete Inc. all Episodes and Bonus Content - CorePack  |  4.4 GB
      THE DESCENDANT Complete Inc. all Episodes and Bonus Content - CorePack | 4.4 GB
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      MAIZE - CorePack | 4.1 GB
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    • The Tekken 7 deluxe and collector’s editions have been revealed ahead of the game’s eventual launch this summer, and both bundles sport plenty to offer. Shortly before Bandai Namco revealed that Tekken 7 was slated to arrive on June 2, 2017, several NeoGAF users actually uncovered even more than the game’s then-unconfirmed release date. The investigative fans uncovered an early slip-up by a British retailer which revealed the contents of the Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition, which features bonuses that fall in line with confirmed pre-order bonuses for the game. Now, the Collector’s Edition has already been revealed. The deluxe edition for Tekken 7 will include both the base game and the newly announced season pass, which will grant gamers access to many new fighters, stages, and costumes throughout three different content updates. The season pass will also bring a new game mode into play, although what this will actually be has yet to be announced by Bandai Namco. It’s currently unknown when the season pass will begin introducing its three waves of content.   The Deluxe Edition reportedly also comes with two more playable characters, and sports 30 metallic costumes for those who want to really test their mettle.  Those who pre-order the title will also get the vampiric fighter Eliza added to their rosters. She was first introduced after winning a fan vote online, and has since appeared only in Tekken Revolution. Those who are interested in getting physical collector’s items for the game also have the option of picking up the aforementioned Tekken 7 Collector’s Edition, which comes with a bulky 12″x18″ Kazuya and Heihachi figurine, where the two are posed mid-battle. The collector’s edition also comes with a steel book, a collector’s box, the game itself, and the Tekken 7 original game soundtrack. The collector’s edition retails for $149.99, which is a substantial jump up from the $75 of the deluxe edition. The latest Bandai Namco fighting title was actually announced about three years ago, and has gone through a long development process which has seen the game feature a limited arcade release ahead of its jump to the current generation of consoles and PC. There’s plenty of signature roster characters returning to the fray, along with a selection of fresh faces. While not all of the new characters were well received, it’s good to see an already large roster keep on growing. What do you think about the Tekken 7 deluxe and collector’s editions, Ranters? Will you be picking one of them up? Tekken 7 is scheduled to launch on June 2, 2017, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. An arcade edition of the game is available in Japan.  
    • Bandai Namco finally reveals the release date for the long-awaited fighting game Tekken 7, which is now slated to arrive in summer 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Bandai Namco had promised that the release date for the non-arcade edition of Tekken 7 would be announced this week, and the Japanese publisher has wasted little time in making good on its promise. Today, Bandai Namco has confirmed that Tekken 7 will be releasing on June 2, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game was announced 3 years ago, and has already partaken in its fair share of controversy pre-release. With just under half a year to go until the game’s release, Bandai Namco has also confirmed that the game will be getting a season pass and several pre-order bonuses for early adopters. Starting today, those who pre-order the title will get the female vampire Eliza added to their rosters, and those pre-ordering an Xbox One copy will also receive a free backward-compatible copy of Tekken 6 for the Xbox 360.   Those ordering on the Sony side of the spectrum aren’t left out, however, as they’re also entitled to the Eliza character. They’ll also get exclusive costumes and a PS4 exclusive jukebox mode, which will be ready when the game launches on June 2nd. The season pass for Tekken 7 will feature a variety of new characters, costumes, and stages across three different content packs, although further details on this content have yet to be released. The season pass will also introduce a new game mode, although Bandai Namco hasn’t stated when the season pass itself will come into effect. The season pass is available on all three platforms. While cross-platform play for the game has been cast into doubt due to security concerns, gamers playing from the PS4 will have a chance to use the title with their PSVR – an experience which is sure to tire out even the most energetic of gamers. As the game has edged closer to release, Bandai Namco has revealed several of the roster characters for the upcoming fighter, with series veterans like Miguel Caballero from Tekken 6 and popular series fighter Nina Williams being more recent confirmations for the title. Williams is actually playable in the Fated Retribution Arcade update, so fans in Japan have an early chance to get accustomed to the character. The game itself looks like it will have a wildly intricate storyline, something that fighting games have garnered a somewhat infamous reputation for. While more recent fighting titles like Injustice have proven that fighting games can feature a compelling storyline that adds complimentary depth to its cast, only time will tell if Tekken 7 can deliver a satisfying and robust experience both in combat and out of it. Tekken 7 will release on June 2, 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.  
    • Resident Evil 7 releases tomorrow, but an early day one patch release is launching to fix some minor bugs and reveal a few new trophies for players to hunt down. Horror fans are just a few hours away from returning to one of gaming’s most iconic franchises with the launch of Resident Evil 7. The game makes some big changes with the introduction of a first-person perspective and VR support, but the developers promise that at its heart the game will feel familiar to long-time fans of the franchise (the return of herbs should help with that). As shoppers prep to jump into the game early tomorrow AM, Capcom has released a modest day one patch for Resident Evil 7. Unlike many recent games with day one patches, the Resident Evil 7 patch doesn’t even break 1 GB. The game’s first patch released this morning for anyone with an early copy. The 806.2 MB update brings the game’s version up to 1.0.1 by patching some small bugs, making changes to notifications, and adding a few additional trophies.   Here’s a peek at the patch notes courtesy of ThisGenGaming… Now supports add-ons New trophies added Now supports notifications of new additional chapters Fixed certain bugs and issues And these are the new trophies: Dead By Dawn? – Complete Nightmare. – Bronze Sleepless In Dulvey – Complete Night Terror – Silver Like Mama Used To Make – Complete Bedroom – Bronze Ratcatcher – Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play – Silver Ethan Never Dies – Complete Ethan Must Die – Gold The patch doesn’t bring anything very exciting to the table at the last minute, but that’s generally a good thing. This means that the game shipped out in working condition with a complete gameplay experience. Early reviews have been confirming that the game is a hit, so it’s no surprise that Capcom only needs to make a few minor tweaks to get the game ready for the masses tomorrow. If the demo was any indication, Resident Evil 7 is going to be full of secrets and puzzles to unlock and explore, which will make for great trophy fodder. The game’s community tackled most of the puzzles in the demo at an incredible speed, including the dummy finger mystery, so we can expect the next few weeks to be full of puzzle explanations and rare trophy unlocks. Be sure to check back often for our Resident Evil 7 guides and tips after the game’s launch. Have you pre-ordered Resident Evil 7? Do you plan to play the game at launch? Let us know in the comments. Resident Evil 7 launches on January 24, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  
    • EA announces that Mass Effect: Andromeda will get a 10 hour trial ahead of launch through EA Access, with progress from the trial carrying over to the main game. Earlier this month, EA and BioWare delighted fans when they revealed that fans would be able to play Mass Effect: Andromeda early via subscription service EA Access. Fans were positively giddy at the fact that they could get their hands on the upcoming sci-fi RPG ahead of its release date towards the end of March, though many had questions about how this early access period would work. Would they have access to all of Mass Effect: Andromeda ahead of time, or would just a small section be available? Putting much of the confusion to rest, EA has now revealed how the Mass Effect: Andromeda early access program will work. The publisher has revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available as a 10-hour trial, similar to the way that the Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17 EA Access trials worked. The trial will go live on March 16, five days before the games North American release date of March 21 and it will also allow players to carry their progress from the trial over to the full game.   EA Access on Xbox One (and Origin Access, the PC equivalent) are paid for, meaning that having early access to the game will cost fans a few dollars. Access subscriptions do come with access to free games via the EA Vault, though, including Star Wars Battlefront which was added last year. Of course, this also means that PlayStation 4 users will be left out in the cold since EA Access isn’t available on the hardware. Many fans will no doubt be disappointed that the trial isn’t any longer. 10 hours likely won’t be enough to finish Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s story, and players won’t be able to learn much about the game’s new, big bad or about the human race’s quest to find a new home in the stars. Andromeda‘s romance gameplay, which has been described as more organic than in the original trilogy of games, probably won’t feature much in the 10 hour trial either. However, 10 hours should be more than enough time for players to get their heads around the game’s core mechanics. For example, Mass Effect: Andromeda includes crafting as well as melee weapons as players build their own gear from scrap. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the new ship, the Tempest, too. The ship doesn’t feature any loading screens, meaning that, as players look around, checking out the Pathfinder quarters, the bridge and gaze out of the window as they plan their travel, there won’t be much waiting around. Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on March 21, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  
    • BioWare’s epic science-fiction series Mass Effect is all about players making difficult choices, but which are the most difficult choices in the series? On March 21st, Mass Effect: Andromeda will finally release to the masses, marking the first new Mass Effect adventure in five years. The game promises to bring the franchise to modern consoles in a big way, making some important changes like introducing Commander Ryder as the new playable character, but retaining what made the series popular to begin with. Like past games, Mass Effect: Andromeda will challenge players to make difficult decisions that will shape the narrative, not only for Andromeda, but for its potential sequels as well. To give gamers an idea of the kinds of choices they can expect to make in Mass Effect: Andromeda, here are the seven most gut-wrenching decisions in the series so far.   Cure the Genophage or Save Mordin (Mass Effect 3) The Genophage is a biological weapon created to stop the Krogan population from growing. One scientist that played a key role in the development of the Genophage was Mordin Solus, a Salarian that joins Commander Shepard during the events of Mass Effect 2. Mordin’s humor and kindhearted nature made him a fan favorite character, so his death became one of most memorable moments in the series, not to mention one of the most heartbreaking. Mordin’s death comes in Mass Effect 3 when he attempts to sacrifice himself in order to administer the Genophage cure, which would effectively save the Krogan species from extinction. However, players have the choice to stop Mordin from releasing the cure, which is accomplished either through convincing him in conversation or by shooting him. Essentially, the choice boils down to saving the life of a good friend or letting an entire species go extinct. Fight Sovereign or Save the Council (Mass Effect) At the end of the original Mass Effect game, players are faced with a choice that has ramifications over the course of the trilogy when the Reaper Sovereign attacks the Citadel along with a fleet of Geth. During the battle, the Council gets cornered aboard a powerful ship called Destiny Ascension, and Commander Shepard has to choose between saving the Council or focusing his resources on stopping Sovereign. Kill the Rachni Queen or Save Her Species from Extinction (Mass Effect) On the snowy planet Noveria in the first Mass Effect game, players come face to face with a Rachni Queen, said to be one of the last of her species. Rachni were a race of insectoid aliens that once threatened all other life in the galaxy, but they were thought to be destroyed in the Rachni Wars. The Rachni Queen Commander Shepard encounters on Noveria pleads her case, promising to live peacefully with her children if he spares her life. Commander Shepard has to decide whether he can trust the Rachni Queen to keep her word and save her species from extinction, or risk the return of a serious threat by saving the Rachni from genocide. Save the Normandy Crew or Save the Squad (Mass Effect 2) Players that fail to fully prepare their crew before the infamous suicide mission at the end of Mass Effect 2 will be blindsided by a surprise attack on the Normandy. With all the main squad members and Shepard himself off the ship, the Normandy is attacked by the Collectors, with the bulk of its crew members abducted. Players can choose to save the Normandy crew, at the likely expense of some of their beloved squad members, or they can hold off, which will doom some members of the Normandy crew to death. Sacrifice Ashley or Kaidan (Mass Effect) One of the most difficult choices in the entire series is a choice players have to make on Virmire in the original Mass Effect game. It’s on Virmire that Commander Shepard has to choose between saving Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko, two of Shepard’s earliest squad members. Shepard’s choice reverberates throughout the original trilogy, with survivor’s guilt plaguing the person Shepard decides to save. Selecting Squadmates for the Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2) Mass Effect 2‘s suicide mission presents a real challenge for players and Commander Shepard. Players are hit with one dilemma after another, and forced to quickly decide which members of Shepard’s squad should be assigned to each task. Depending on who is selected and if players have completed their loyalty mission, it can result in them or other squad members biting the dust. Choosing an Ending (Mass Effect 3) Mass Effect 3‘s endings are notorious for the backlash they received from fans, with the controversy enough to convince BioWare to release extended endings as DLC. Regardless, it’s still difficult to choose between the game’s different possible endings, as each choice available has incredible impact on the characters players have come to know over the course of the three games. Players can choose to take control of the Reapers, wipe out all synthetic life, merge all organic life with synthetic life, or simply do nothing and let the Reapers continue their conquest. With fans of the franchise having encountered such difficult choices in past Mass Effect games, it will be interesting to see if Mass Effect: Andromeda can top them. With the release of the game just a couple of months away, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see if Andromeda‘s choices carry the same weight as the most challenging ones they’ve encountered in the series so far. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available on March 21, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  
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